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8-) Knowing that 40determine the sma llest
foree P for which equilibrium of the 7.5 kg block
i's maintained
7-5 l09

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8-) Knowing that 40determine the sma llest foree P for which equilibrium of the 7.5 kg block i's maintained MS=0-9SM5=0.35 7-5 l09


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Step 1

Given information:

Given the figure is


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And, the values of 0 40, i. = 0.45

Step 2


Draw free body diagram for the given diagram. Then we can able to find the load directions and forces.

If we observe the figure the block was fixed to the wall. There will be two cases in the moment for block from the back support. That will be upward and downward.

So, we can draw the FBD for two cases.


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For upward, the FBD is N e 40 P For downward the FBD will be, FfA N e=40 P W

Step 3

For these two cases we can cal...

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