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a plus 7


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The mathematical expression of th...

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Q: Factor completely 1 1 3 2 (x+ 1) 2 - (x+1)2 (x - 8) 2 (x-8)

A: To factorize the provided algebraic expression which is mentioned below,


Q: Solve for x. 32x-10 -81 The solution set is Enter your answer in the answer box e Quizzes & Tests In...

A: Given that 


Q: Find the average rate of change of f(x)= 3x^2−x from x1=2 to x2=4

A: The given function is f ( x ) = 3x2 – x and x1 = 2 , x2 = 4. In order to find the average rate of ch...


Q: Find an equation of the parabola with vertex , 34 and directrix =y2 .

A: It is given that the vertex of the parabola is (3,4), where h = 3 and k = 4 and the directrix is y =...


Q: 33 and 34

A: (13)      Let Felix invests $ x amount at 7% annual interest and then according to question, the amo...


Q: The length of one leg of a right triangle is 12 meters. The length of the hypotenuse is 8 meters lon...

A: Given information:The length of one leg of a right triangle is 12 meters. The length of the hypotenu...


Q: Graph functions f and g in the same rectangular coordinate system. Graph and give the equations of a...

A: Graphed them using graphing calculator. Red line is y=3^x and blue line is y=(1/2)*(3^x)


Q: Given the functions f(x)=3x-5 , g(x)=2x^2-4x+8 , h(x)=30(1.5)^x , p(x)=5x-4/x-2 evaluate the followi...

A: Given the function f(x)=3x-5 and h(x)=30(1.5)x.And, Now simplifying  the composition of the two func...


Q: Suppose that receiving stations X, Y, and Z are located on a coordinate plane at the points (9,5), -...

A: Consider the receiving stations: