Find the work W done by a force of 5 pounds acting in the direction 45° to the horizontal in moving an object 8 feet from (0,0) to (8,0).

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A: cos Acos B-sin A sin B=cos(A+B)

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A: Given: 4cos2x=5-4sinx we know that cos2x=1-sin2x                                         ..1

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A: Given: 4(n-7)2-19=281

Q: can you please help me with this question and how to do it

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Q: only need #15 so i can do the rest.

A: Question 15,Given,         cos-112

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Q: For the 30°-60°-90° triangle shown, suppose that  XY = 2a. Find the following. (a) XZ       ...

A: you can clearly understand if you follow the below solution

Q: Find | | 3 u + 4 v | | where u = 5 i + 2 j and 4 i-3 j

A: Given  u = 5 i + 2 j and v = 4 i-3 j

Q: Need help solving problem

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Q: Write the given vector in terms of i and j. u- (0, -9)

A: given vectoru=(0,-9)

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Q: Find the four fourth roots of z = 81( cos 2 + i sin 2 ). Write each root in standard form. 3 3 Wo = ...

A: Given that z=81 cos2π3+isin2π3. Obtain the fourth roots as follows. z14=8114 cos2π3+isin2π314=3 cos2...

Q: Find b

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A: Let θ represents ∠BCA, and ϕ represents ∠BAC. Solve for ∠ABC, ∠ABC+75°=180°⇒∠ABC=180°-75°⇒∠ABC=105° ...

Q: Find the exact values of the six trigonometric functions of the angle theta. Sin (theta) Cos (theta)...

A: Using application of Pythagoras theorem, to determine other side. 

Q: Find sin0, where 0 is the angle shown. Give an exact value, not a decimal approximation 13

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Q: Use a calculator to approximate each value to four decimal places.             tan -(25 degree)

A: Given: tan(-25°)

Q: Derivative - 16sin4x

A: Given: 16sin4x

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Q: Use the Sum/ Difference ldentities to find the exact value. No decimals. cos 255° Format BIU

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Q: Convert 44 feet per minute to miles per hour.

A: Known fact: 1 feet =15280 miles1 minute = 160 hours

Q: The question is in the image, thanks :)

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