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Q: O LINES AND FUNCTIONS Combining functions to write a new function that models a re... Leila and her ...

A: The amount saved by Leila,

Q: Approximate the number using a calculator. -0.31 -0.31 (Round to three decimal places.) Enter your a...

A: We first put e^-0.31 in calculator. 

Q: 72 voters are asked to rank four brands of soup: A, B, C, and D. The votes are summarized in the fol...

A: Since we are entitled to answer up to 3 sub-parts, we’ll answer the first 3 as you have not mentione...

Q: Consider the function f(x)-9x-9x Determine, without graphing, whether the function has a minimum val...

A: We are given a function as 

Q: Fill in the blank to make the expression a perfect square. 2 12y X

A: The given expression is,

Q: Simplify the difference quotient f(x)−f(a)/x−a for the given function.   f(x)=2-6x-x^2

A: The given function is f (x) = 2– 6x – x2. Substitute x = a in f (x) = 2– 6x – x2 to obtain f (a). f ...

Q: find the equation of a circle in which the endpoints of the diameter of a circle are at (4,-5) and (...

A: Given: The endpoints of the diameter of a circle are

Q: Lashonda's Coffee Shop makes a blend that is a mixture of two types of coffee. Type A coffee costs L...

A: According to the given information, the cost information of the coffee bleands in given below:Cost o...

Q: Find the coordinates of the vertex of the quadratic function: y=x2+3

A: The quadratic equation is given by,