Asked Mar 14, 2020

An arrangement in packets of eight cells is described as a .
a. micrococcus c. tetrad
b. diplococcus d. sarcina


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Step 1

Bacteria are single-celled prokaryotic organisms. There are three basic shapes of bacteria namely, coccus, bacillus, and spiral. Cocci, or the singular coccus, are round shaped bacteria and they also appear oval. Bacilli, or the singular bacillus, are rod-shaped organisms. They also appear short and thick and they are called coccobacillus. Spiral bacteria appear curved and are called vibrios or have several twists.


Step 2

Bacteria are arranged in patterns. Among them, the most common patterns are diplo, staphylo, strepto, tetrad and sarcina. Diplo refers to two cells. Staphylo refers to irregular clusters. Strepto means...

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