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At the beginning of the month, you owned $7,100 of Company G, $9,700 of Company S, and $4,400 of Company N. The monthly returns for Company G, Company S, and Company N were 8.95 percent, -1.67 percent, and -.06 percent. What is your portfolio return?


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Step 1

Calculation of Portfolio Return:

The portfolio return is 2.22%.

Excel Spreadsheet:


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А В с E Return Weighted Return 1Company 2 Company G $7,100 3 Company S S9,700 4 Company N $4,400 Amount Weight 33.49% 8.95% 3.00% -0.76% 45.75% -1.67% 20.75% -0.06% -0.01% $21,200 5 Total Investment 6 Portfolio Return 2.22%


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