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A fluid of unknown density is used in two manometers—one sealed-end, the other across an orifice in a water pipeline. The readings shown here are obtained on a day when the barometric pressure is 756 mm Hg.


What is the pressure drop (mmHg) across the orifice from point a to point b? in mmHg


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atm P=0


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Step 1

It is given that a fluid of same unknown density is used in two manometers—one sealed-end, the other across an orifice in a water pipeline.

And Barometric pressure which is atmospheric pressure as barometer is used to calculate air pressure is given as: Patm=756 mm Hg.

The reading of level difference between two ends of the manometer in one end sealed is given as: A=5.23 m.

The reading of level difference between two ends of the manometer in attach to orifice meter in a pipeline is given as: B=0.2 m.

Considering the datum line XY and PQ on two manometers one end sealed and attach to orifice meter in the given diagram as below:

Step 2

Now at Datum line XY in one end sealed manometer

The pressures act on horizontal axis are equal and hence,

Step 3

Where ρf is the density of unknown fluid

Put the values and we can calcu...


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