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Can you give and describe specific examples how basic units of structure define the function of living things?


Can you give and describe specific examples how basic units of structure define the function of living things?

Step 1

The question asks to give and describe the specific examples that cells define the functions in living organisms.

Step 2

The cell is the basic structural & functional component of life. All living organisms are composed of cells. These cells carry out all the essential and specific functions for the endurance of the organism. Cells are of different shapes, sizes, and structures. All cells represent a similar basic structure. They are all enclosed by a cell membrane and also have cytoplasm and organelles. These smaller organelles execute different functions like metabolism, secretion, and transportation of materials, nutrition, excretion, respiration.

Step 3

The activity or function of an organism totally depends on the entire action of the independent cells. Following are some examples of significant processes that occur in the living organisms:

  1. Respiration: in this biochemical process the energy flow takes place in cells by the breakdown of carbohydrates. It takes place in mitochondria (a cell organelle).
  2. Reproduction: Cells contain the hereditary information essential for the production of new cells. This is present within the DNA.
  3. Photosynthesis: Some highly specialized functions are done by the cells like photosynthe...

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