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chapter 4.6 optimization #39

a poster is to contain 108 in2 of printed with margins of 6 in top/bottom margins and 2 in left/right margin. what is the minimum cost of the poster if it is to be made of material costing $0.20/cm?


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Step 1


It is given that, the poster contains 108 square inches and the margins are 6 inches in top and bottom, and 2 inches in left and right.


The material cost is $0.2 per square centimetre.


That is, the material cost is 20 cents per square centimetre.


Let the length and width of the paper is x and y respectively.


From the given information it is observed that,


The length of the printed space is x – 2(6) = x–12.

The width of the printed space is y – 2(2) = y – 4.

Step 2

Obtain the printed area of the paper.

Step 3

Use the above equations t...


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