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Choose a medication that acts as either an agonist or antagonist. Name of medication, the receptor that binds to and what kind of reaction it causes. Give an example of a patient that would be taking this medication? 


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Step 1

Since, the situation for the agonist and antagonist drugs is not mentioned in the question. Let us assume it in relation to the opioids.


These are a group of drugs which includes the illegal drug heroin, artificial opioids (fentanyl, and pain relievers), morphine, codeine, and various others.

Step 2

In the given table, the agonists and antagonists that are related to the addictive behavior is given.

Drug type

An agonist drug

An antagonist drug


It is a chemical which binds to a postsynaptic receptor. It also activates the receptor to make a response in case of some medication. These are designed to mimic the activity of other substances such as heroin.


It is a chemical which binds to a receptor but instead of causing a reaction it stops the normal function of a specific substance.


Name of the drug:


It is a drug that is used usually for treating the opioid use disorder. It is used in the treating the addiction of heroin. It might be used as a conservation therapy for the detoxification to accomplish the opioid withdrawal symptoms.



It is a medication that is usually used to manage the opioid or alcohol dependence. It is normally used in the self-restraint stage of retrieval from the addiction.


Receptors occupied and reaction:


Methadone occupies the receptors related with the opiates. It blocks these high op...

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