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Consider the following system of linear equations.
Consider the following system of linear equations.
x − 2y + 3z= −2
−3x + y + 2z = −17
2x + 2y + z = −1
Solve the system if possible. (If a free variable is needed use the parameter t. If the system is inconsistent, enter INCONSISTENT.)


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Step 1

Now we have

x - 2y + 3z = -2             ...(1)

-3x + y + 2z = -17          ...(2)

2x + 2y + z = -1             ...(3)

Adding equation (1) and (3), we get

3x + 4z = -3               ...(4)

Step 2

Now multiplying equation (2) with 2 and add equation (1), we get

-5x + 7z = -36                  ...(5)

Step 3

Now multiply equation (4) and equation (5) by 5 and 3 respectively and add, we ge...

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