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Describe some factors that increase computer efficiency. For example, increasing the number of CPU processors. Consider different computer components, not just hardware components.


Describe some factors that increase computer efficiency. For example, increasing the number of CPU processors. Consider different computer components, not just hardware components.


Step 1

A computer’s speed and performance are based on how good the hardware and software are working together.

Updating a part of the computer system will not create a drastic change on its performance and speed.

The whole system needs to be updated from time to time.

Both software and hardware are responsible for the system performance.

Step 2

Following are some hardware which is responsible for the speed and performance of a computer system:-

Processor: The processor is responsible for executing the instructions. The rate of processing of instructions is directly proportional to the speed and performance of the system.

CPU manages the clock speed(overall speed) and how fast the instructions are processed.

Nowadays processor is capable of processing about 100 billion of data per second.

Cache memory: Processors and motherboards uses cache memory to execute billions of instructions in a second.

Cache memory is the fastest of all the memories. Computer programs and applications uses RAM and other memories to execute instructions whereas CPU and motherboards uses cache memory.

L2 and L3 are widely used cache memory, they can store and transfer more instructions to the processor.

RAM: Random Access Memory is capable for storing programs running on the system.

Programs an...

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