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Determine the active and passive force acting on a 3 meter high wall that supports clay with an undrained shear strength of 100 kPa and a unit weight of 19.20 kN/m


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Step 1

Given information

The height of wall (H) is 3 m.

The undrained shear strength of clay qu is 100 kPa.

The unit weight of soil (γ) is 19.20 kN/m.

Step 2

The relationship between cohesion and undrained shear strength of clay is given by,


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с- 2 Plugging values, 100 kPa c = 2 = 50 kPa

Step 3

The coefficient of active pressure and...


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ktan45° + 2 k =tan245° 2 Here, ø is the internal angle of friction.


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