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difference between the fluxes of a solute moving in two opposite diretion is alled what


difference between the fluxes of a solute moving in two opposite diretion is alled what 

Step 1

The plasma membrane of living cells governs the movement of molecules in and out of the cells. The solutes can move from one cell to the other in the living membrane of organisms through this layer. Flux is defined as the movement of substances or molecules in a direction, the solutes always move randomly in the body for transpot of different substances.

Step 2

The common method of movement of molecules in and out of the cell is known as diffusion. Diffusion is a passive process that do not require energy for transport of molecules.

The movement of substances or molecules in the opposite direction is known as active transport. Active transport moves molecules against the concentration gradient. Such type of movement requires an investment of energy. A common example of active transport is the sodium-potassium pump. This pump moves three sodium ions out from the cell and two potassium ions are imported into the cell in one cycle.

Step 3

Active transport is of two main types: primary transport and secondary transport. Primary transport uses ATP as a source of energy for the movement while secondary transport uses an electrochemical gradient for movement.

Secondary active transporter prot...

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