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e3 cos(e2) de
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e3 cos(e2) de 피2

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A: Given that  x = 3 and y = 4.      

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A: The discriminant of 4x2 - 8x + 1 = 0 is:  

Q: determine the general solution to thegiven differential equation. y′′ + 10y′ + 25y = 0.

A: To determine the general solution of the given differential equation.  

Q: Sketch the graph of a function ƒ that has a local maximum valueat a point c where ƒ'(c) = 0.

A: If at x=c , there is a local maximum value, then x=c is a critical point. That means f'(c)=0 will be...

Q: Evaluate the definite integral by the limit definition

A: Here,

Q: Horizontal and vertical asymptotes a. Analyze lim flx2 and lim f1x2, and then identify any horizonta...

A: Consider the function and find Horizontal asymptotes:

Q: Using: limx→4f(x)=3 and limx→4g(x)=7, evaluate the limits, limx→4 f(x)g(x)= limx→4 f(x)/g(x)=

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Q: A machinist is required to manufacture a circular metaldisk with area 100 cm2 .(a) What radius produ...

A: Let the radius = r cm  So the area is =πr2 cm2 .    

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A: Given Sphere S:  

Q: determine the general solution to the system x′= Ax for the given matrix A.

A: We have given a matrix;

Q: Solve the Bernoulli equations y' - y = -y2

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Q: Solve absolute value inequality : 5 l2x + 1l - 3 ≥ 9

A: First we solve for |2x+1|

Q: Find constants a and b so that each of the following limits is true. Va + bx а. lim 1 = 2 b. lim tan...

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Q: Trigonometric integrals Evaluate the following integrals. ∫sin2 3x dx

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A: Given

Q: Using the techniques from Section 3.2, sketch the graph of the polynomial function. Specify the x- a...

A: Given function is  

Q: Find the inverse function (on the given interval, if specified) and graph both ƒ and ƒ-1 on the same...

A: To find ƒ-1 we will write f(x)=y, then we switch x and y and solve for y.  

Q: Find f(g(x)) and g( f(x)) and determine whether each pair of functions ,f(x) = 4x + 9 and g(x) =(x -...

A: We find f(g(x)) and g(f(x))

Q: Evaluate the integral. (Remember to use absolute values where appropriate. Use C for the constant of...

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Q: Find the limit L. Then use the - definition to prove that the limit is L

A: Consider the given limit:

Q: Use limits to find the derivative function ƒ′ for the followingfunctions f.b. Evaluate ƒ(a)for the g...

A: a)

Q: 34. DISCUSS: Graphing Calculator Pitfalls (a) Evaluate tan x - x h(x) : for x = 1, 0.5, 0.1, 0.05, 0...

A: a) By substituting x = 1 in given function, similarly,  

Q: Determine an equation for the tangent line to f-(x) at (4, 7) given that y-4= (x - 7) is an equation...

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Q: Solve: -2x - 4 = x + 5.

A: We subtract x from both sides