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Explain how to use the ohmmeter portion of a VOM


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Step 1

A VOM(volt-ohm-milliammeter) is also known as multimeter. It is used to measure voltage, current and resistance in the circuit. In VOM, there a circuit switch is present which allows multimeter to works in different functions like ammeter, voltmeter or ohmmeter. It is an electronic device. It measures resistance in an electronic and electrical component when it is set to ohmmeter. There are 2 probes which is used to send a current through the circuit and also calculated voltage across it and measures the resistance using ohm’s laws. Firstly, set it up to the ohmmeter. Then, it can be used to measure the resistance of any circuit simply by touching the probe on resistor ends.

Step 2

1. Confirmed that battery is installed in multimeter:

Battery provide a voltage across the resistor. When probes are connected to its ends then a current flow in the resistor.

Step 3

2. Plug tests lead into the sockets on meter:

In a multimeter there are two probe in which one is negative plug and other on...

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