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Explain the current problem known as the "Global Fisheries Crisis". What percentage of global fisheries are overexploited today?


Explain the current problem known as the "Global Fisheries Crisis". What percentage of global fisheries are overexploited today?

Step 1

Global Fisheries Crisis refers to the severe depletion in the fish stocks across global fisheries, caused by overfishing, overexploitation, and unsustainable practices. The crisis is evident by lowered general health of cultured fish, interference in spawning, severe reduction in natural population of fishes, pollution, and habitat destruction. The crisis has affected the fisheries by reducing their replenishing capacity and biodiversity.

Step 2

The factors that have caused the Global Fisheries Crisis are:

  • New fishing technologies which have immensely increased the fishing capacity
  • High fishing subsidies and international trade focused only on profits
  • Negligent and nonsustainable practices in fisheries management
  • Illegal and unregulated fishing
  • Lack of proper enforcement of regulations
  • Overuse of antibiotics and genetic e...

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