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Q: Let f(x)= -5x-1 and g(x)- x2- 5. Find (f o g)-5). Then (fo g)(-5) = | |. (Simplify your answer.)

A: Given,

Q: Hello so the question I am stuck on is For the following exercises, find the average rate of change ...

A:  The given function is f (x) = 4x2–7 and the interval is [1,b], where a = 1 and b = b.

Q: Determine whether the function is even, odd, or neither. f(x)=3x7+4x5

A: We can follow the rules of even and odd functions on the board.

Q: Graph the line that passes through the given point and has the given slope. P(1, 5); slope −4   Gra...

A: We need to graph the line that passes through the given point and has the given slope. For that reas...

Q: The table below represents an exponential function. Construct that function and then identify the co...

A: Let the exponential function be 

Q: Solve the equation. Express numbers as integers or simplified fractions.    2-4(4z-1)=-1   My answer...

A: Given,

Q: Find the equation of the line containing the point P(4, 5) and parallel to the graph of 4x + y = −1.

A: We first find the slope of 4x+y=-1y=-4x-1Compare with y=mx+b, so, m=-4Slope= -4 Slope of parallel li...

Q: Given that the standard from of a line is Ax +By =Upper C Upper B not equals 0 what is the slope of ...

A: The given equation of straight line is

Q: Can someone help me with this problem?

A: Let x represents the number of birth years after 1960 and let y represents male life expectancy.