Find all real solution of the equation (Enter your answer as a comma-seperated list. if there is no real solution, enter NO REAL SOLUTION.


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Q: Simplify V(5/2)=(4/3)(pi)(r)^3 and V(4r)=(4/3)(pi)(r)^3

A: We need to find the volume of a sphere with (A) radius = 5/2 units and (B) radius = 4r units.We know...

Q: How do you find the square root of a number?

A: To find the square root of a number first we will express the given number into product of prime num...

Q: If we flipped a coin 100 times, we expect “heads” to come up about 50 times if the coin is “fair”. I...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: determine whether the graphs of the equations are parallel lines , perpendicular lines, or rather . ...

A: First find slope of  6x+2y =8. Wrote it in slope intercept form.slope = -3

Q: Hello there!!! Can please help me out? Evalute function h(x) X2 + 5X for the given value of X, simpl...

A: Calculation:The given value of x is b −1.Evaluate the value of h(b −1) as follows.

Q: I have no strong background in Algebra, so be simple and basic as much as possible for me to grasp e...

A:  Note that, a subspace of a vector space V is a subset H of V that has three properties:(i). The zer...

Q: 9t+3 all over 6t-5 = 3t+6 all over 3t-5

A: Refer to the question,According to the language of the question the equation formed is as,

Q: x2-6x+10=0 Solve the equation in the complex number system.

A: Given that the equation is

Q: how do i solve by factoring: x(x+3)-10=0

A: First simplify the given equation as follows.