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Find context-free grammars for the following language: L = anbn, n is even.


Find context-free grammars for the following language: L = anbnn is even.

Step 1

Context-free grammar (CFG):


This grammar containing predictable set of grammar rules which contains G = (V, T, S, P).

  • From the given grammar G = (V, T, P, S),
    • “V” represents a set of non-terminals symbol.
    • “T” represents a set of terminals.
    • “P” represents the set of rules.
    • “S” represents start symbol.
  • A language is assumed to be context free if and only if there a CFG “G” such that L = L(G).
Step 2

Context-free grammar for given language L:

The context-free grammar f...


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