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Note the quadrant. Using the proper sign, show how you use a Pythagorean Identity to find cos theta(what is its sign in Q2). Then you can use a Quotient Identity to find tan theta. Ensure that it’s sign is correct in Q2. Rationalization the denominator and simplify as much as possible.

Find tan θ, given that sin θ
and θ is in quadrant II.

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Find tan θ, given that sin θ and θ is in quadrant II.

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Step 1

Given that theta is in quadrant 2 and sine theta value is given to us. We need to compute cos theta using pythogorean identity and then find tan theta using Quotient Identity.

Step 2

Here the pythogorean Identity is shown below we know the value of sinθ and we use it to find the value of cosθ 


Step 3

We got cos θ value as shown below but we need to confirm its sign.

Here it is said that θ is in quadrant 2, so the sin &theta...


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