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Find the most frequent character in a sentence and print the letter and then the frequency.

, not just ['e' , 5]


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Step 1

The python program and approach are given below:


  • Defining the value of size variable as per the ASCII table.
  • Defining the function mostfrequentchar(s) which returns the most frequent string and its count.
  • Declaring the variables as per the requirement (use of each variable is mentioned as comments in the program).
  • First for loop will traverse the string and update the list with the ASCII values + 1 at every character.
  • Second, for loop will traverse the string and if the statement will check whether the value of num[ord(x)] is greater than If max is less than the value of max will update.
  • Most frequent character in the string will store in the variable “y”.
  • Returns y and max.
  • Displays the result by calling the function "mostfrequentchar()" inside the print() function.    
Step 2


#setting the limit as per the ASCII table 

size = 128

#defining the function which returns

#most frequent character and its count

def mostfrequentchar(s):

    #setting the size of list

    num = [0] * size

    #to store the count of most frequent character

    max = -1

    #empty string

    y = ''

    #list is update with the ASCII values + 1 at every character

    for x in s:


    #traversing the string

    for x in s:

        #if the value of max is greater than num[ord(x)]

        #than store it t...

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