Find the parametric equation of the intersection of the planes x+ y = 1 and x+ z = 2. 

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A: We find the second derivative first.  

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A: Given function

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A: Initial price = $11,000 Decrease rate = 22%=0.22 every 3 years  

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A: Opposite = 20 Adjacent = 25  

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A: Product rule of the derivative is, (uv)’=u’v+uv’ where u and v are the functions of x.

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A: Hello! Thank you for your question. We’ll answer the first question. Please submit a new question sp...

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A: Calculate the slope from the equation of the St. line 32x – y = 15.

Q: Recall that tan(0) represents the slope of the terminal ray of an angle whose radian measure is 0 an...

A: a) (pi/2)^- is in the first quadrant, there sin, cos, and tan are positive.  Answer(a): infinity   

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Q: Can i get help step by step with this problem?


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