Find the partial derivatives, fx and fy, for f(x, y) = 2x + 3y/x^2y + 1

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A: Given,


A: Given, function is

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A: Given, function is

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A: Given:Three-digit numbers:

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A: Given

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A: Given:

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A: given function is

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A: Given

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A: The position vector,

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A: definition of domain.

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A: Given,

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A: Given: -

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A: By using the property of logarithms, simplify the LHS

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A: s(t) = 48 + 64t - 16t2Hence, s’(t) = 64 – 32ts”(t) = - 32When s is maximum, s’(t) = 0; hence 64 – 32...

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A: To estimate the maximum possible value for f(3) under the given conditions

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A: We need to solve the given equation for the value of x.

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A: Initial population in year 2000

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A: Given,

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A: Find first derivative using product rule and chain rule. 

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A: Consider the first function: