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For a transmitting horn antenna, find out the electric field strength 60 km away from the transmitting station of 35 kW power.


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Step 1

The electric field strength at a point located far away from the antenna can be expressed as

V/m ()
P = Value of the transmitted power
r = Distance from the antenna

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V90P Ep V/m () ms P = Value of the transmitted power r = Distance from the antenna

Step 2

In this case, the transmitted power by the antenna and the corresponding d...

35 kW 35 x 103 W ---> (2)
r = 60 km = 60 x10 m---> (3)

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P 35 kW 35 x 103 W ---> (2) r = 60 km = 60 x10 m---> (3)


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