For Exercise, solve the equation.
2 –
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For Exercise, solve the equation. 2 –

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Q: factor each trinomial. (solve all) 51. 9m2-12m+4 55.4x2y2+28xy+49

A: Hi there, we can answer answer only one question at a time. so, I have solved first question.

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A: d) From the given table we get two points for 2008 and for 2018 (2008,21.1) and (2018,116.3)  

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A: (a)

Q: Write the number 9.32E-5 in standard form.

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A: From the graph we get t-intercept=60  And we can find it from the equation too by plugging A(t)=0 y...

Q: Please solve and explain step by step 25x-2 = 1 over 5

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Q: g+2/3g-1/g2+2g/6g+2

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A: a) d is twice the radius r  So, d=2r Answer(a): d=2r    

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A: We can factor out 10 from all the terms  

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Q: For Exercise, determine if the relation defines y as a function of x.

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Q: Find the center of the circle given by the equation: x2 +y2 −6x+18y=−65

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A: From the given information, we can draw the Venn Diagram as shown below:

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A:  “Since you have asked multiple question, we will solve the first question for you. If you want any ...

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Q: Let A = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} B = {1, 3, 5} C = {4, 6}. Find the cardinality of the given set. a. n(B) b. ...

A: To Determine: Find the cardinality of the given set.                                          

Q: For Exercise, estimate the x- and y-intercepts from the graph. -3 – –1

A: Where the graph cuts/touch the x-axis those are the x-intercepts From the graph, we see x-intercept...

Q: Certain radioactive material decays in such a way that the mass remaining after t years is given by ...

A: a) find the mass at time t =0,

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A: Scatter Plot Diagrams: If data is given in pairs then the scatter plot diagram of the data is just t...

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A: 4a) She must pick the side length of the colored papers so that it divides both length and width.  T...

Q: x – 1 for x < 1 lV- 1 for x 2 1 - 1 Graph f(x) =

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Q: Confirming Homework. See Attached

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Q: I don't understand Linear Equation Solutions by Addition.

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Q: factor each polynomial  69. X2-8x+16-y2

A: To find the factor of the given polynomial.

Q: A bank features a savings account that 2.4 has an annual percentage rate of r = % with interest comp...

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