Asked Jan 28, 2020

Grounding lighting fixtures. There are specific requirements for grounding lighting fixtures. How must they be grounded and what size conductors? Be sure and cite the code in your answers.


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Step 1

The electrical lighting fixtures need to be grounded to limit the voltage to ground on these materials. Grounding is necessary for avoiding the risk of shock. Grounding can be done by using a grounding electrode as specified in NEC.

Step 2

According to the NEC, the following can be used as grounding electrodes. If there are more than two conductors then the conductors must be bonded together.

  • Underground metal water pipe as per NEC 250.52 (A)(1).
  • The metal frame of the building as per NEC 250.52 (A)(2).
  • The ground ring as per NEC 250.52 (A)(4).
  • Ground rod as per NEC 250.52 (A)(5).
  • Grounding plates as per NEC 250.52 (A)(6).
Step 3

The following types of grounding can be used.

  • Multigrounded neut...

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