Having a problem solving problems like 2(×-6)+15=9

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Q: #22

A: Given:The point that the line passes through is (3,−5).The equation of the line which is perpendicul...

Q: 18) Given the function: f(x) 2x-1 if 1<x<3 a) What is the domain of f(x)? b Evaluate f(0) and fl) c)...

A: The function is given by,

Q: Last year, Isabel had $20,000 to invest. She invested some of it in an account that paid 7% simple i...

A: Given:Isabel had a total amount of $20,000 to invest.One of her invesetment gave her a 7% interest a...

Q: Simplify the difference quotient f(x)−f(a)/x−a for the given function.   f(x)=2-6x-x^2

A: The given function is f (x) = 2– 6x – x2. Substitute x = a in f (x) = 2– 6x – x2 to obtain f (a). f ...

Q: Graph the solution to the following inequality on the number line. x(x-5)&lt;=0

A: To graph the solution of the inequality x(x-5)&lt;0 on the number line.

Q: Let f(x) = 4x2 + 6x -5 and simplify f(2+x)

A: The given function is f (x) = 4x2+6x–5.

Q: what is 2-5

A: In this question we have to explain what the value is of 2 - 5

Q: The following equation is given. x3-3x-4x+12=0 X a. List all rational roots that are possible accord...

A: a. Find the possible rational roots.

Q: (X) 16 (D) 16 (E) 256 26. The sequence A is defined by A 100 terms in sequence A? A +2 for each inte...

A: Given, A_1=45 and An=A_(n-1)+2. Using n=2,3,4,.. in this expression we get: A_2=47,A_3=49,A_4=51,......