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How to create a Pynthon function that strips the first letters from all file names in a directory?

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Step 1

Program Instructions:

  • Import the os module and create a function named strip_first_letter().
  • Ask the user for path of the directory.
  • Take each file in the directory using os.lisdir() function and strip the first letter by slicing.
  • Use the os.rename() function to rename the files of the specified directory. The os.rename() function takes path of the source and destination files.
  • call the method to strip the first letter of all file names in the directory.
Step 2


import os

def strip_first_letter():

  print('Enter full path of a directory? ')

  directory = input()


    for each_file in os.listdir(directory):

      new_filename = each_file[1:]

      src = directory + "\\" + each_file

      dst = directory + "\\" + new_filename

      os.rename(src, dst)


  except Exception as e:




Step 3

Sample Output:


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