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how are hormones formed and in what organs?


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Hormones are organic substances produced by plants and animals that regulate and control various activities of body. These are also known as molecular messenger which help in coordinating and controlling various activities throughout the human body.

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Gland is an organ of endocrine system whose major role is the synthesis and  secretion of hormones. Hormones are secreted when specific biochemical signals are perceived. After their secretion hormones are stored and  transported to various organs via circulatory system.

Hormones are mainly derived from compounds like cholesterol and amino acid. On the basis of their chemical nature hormones are divided into three categories; lipid hormones, peptide hormones and amino acid derived hormones.


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Different types of hormones are found in plant and animals. In plants hormones are formed in buds, stem and root tips, for example auxin is formed in tip of stem.

In animals the primary orga...

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