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How do Lean tools/concepts take part in integration tools?


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Step 1

Lean management is the process in which doing is more with less labor, less money, less inventory, and stocks. It is the systematic elimination of wastes like inventory, transportation, overproduction, over-processing. The five areas of lean management are quality, quantity, cost, delivery, safety, and morale.

Basic elements of lean management are customer pull waste removal and continuous one-piece workflow. Lean management system formed when these elements are focused




Step 2

Value stream mapping: A value stream map can be created that shows the flows of information, materials and categories activities into 3 levels: value-adding, non-value adding and value enabling. The focus of mapping is on identifying and eliminating the nonvalue added activities in each step and reducing the wait time between consecutive steps. Value enabling activities, however, cannot be eliminated from a system. This elimination help make a process more compact a benefit in process improvement projects aimed at reducing variation. This tool also can be apart of a kaizen cycle, incorporated with analyze and improve phases.

Step 3

Takt time is the rate at which completed projects required to be finished to meet consumer demands. During the analyze, the cycle time can be differentiated with existing service level agreements. If a mismatch exceeds the toler...

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