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How do the anti viral drugs such as nucleoside/nucleotide analogs, protease inhibitors, interferons, ans synthetic animes affect viral replication?


How do the anti viral drugs such as nucleoside/nucleotide analogs, protease inhibitors, interferons, ans synthetic animes affect viral replication?

Step 1

The antiviral drugs are the medications provided to treat viral infections. These drugs do not destroy their respective pathogens but inhibit their path of development. Most of the antiviral drugs are harmless for the hosts, so they can be easily prescribed to them. Eucalyptus and Australian tea trees produce natural antiviral drugs.

Step 2

One of the ways of controlling the growth of a virus is to inhibit the process that synthesizes viral components after the virus invades a cell. In this method, nucleoside and nucleotide analogs are used. Nucleoside and nucleotide analogs are the looks alike of DNA and RNA. They deactivate the enzyme required for the synthesis of DNA and RNA. This method is most useful during the reverse transcription process. The first nucleoside analog is aciclovir, used to treat herpesvirus infections.

Step 3

Protease is an enzyme found in some viruses. Its function is to cut the viral proteins so that they can assemble themselves to form the final configuration. HIV is known to have protease present in it. Many antivir...

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