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How do the antifungal drugs such as Polyenes, Griseofulvin, Azoles, and 5-flurocytosine affect fungal cells?


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Chemicals are used as antifungal agents. They affect the vital process of the fungal cell and affect the endospores as well.

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Effect of polyenes on fungal cells:

  • Affects cell membrane permeability by inhibiting ergosterol
  • Causes leakage of cell contents to outside


Effect of griseofulvin on fungal cells:

  • Disrupts assembly and function of microtubules in the fungal cell
  • Inhibits spindle fiber machinery during cell division.


Effect of azoles on fungal cells:

  • Affects cell membrane permeability by inhibiting ergosterol biosynthesis
  • Affects cell membrane fluidity
  • Affects membrane-bound enzymes


Effect of 5-flurocytosine on fungal cells:

  • Inhibits nucleic acid bio...

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