Asked Oct 29, 2019

How do you graph sin(x) with a horizontal or vertical stretch, such as 2sin(4(pi/2))?


Expert Answer

Step 1

To draw the graph of transforms of y= sin(x)

Step 2

Let y =g(x)= A sin (Bx). We wish to sketch (or plot) the graph of y-g(x) knowing the graph of y=f(x) = sin x. The factor A is easily dealt with , as it is only s scaled version of y=sin (Bx). (only the y-coordinate is maginified (positive or negative direction by a factor of A). 

Step 3

So it remains to consider y=sin (Bx). Assume that B is a positive integer to start with . (The case when B is  negative  or any rational number ...

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