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how is macro work in word 2016


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Step 1

At first we need to enable the developer Tab if it's not enabled previously.
Next, we need to click the Developer tab and then inside the Code panel we will see the Macros and a Record macro option.

The we have to click on the Record macro button.

Next, we need to assign the name for the macro along with a description for our macro.

Then we need to assign the macro to a key or a button.

We can execute a macro in 3 ways such as by using a button, a keyboard or manually.

Step 2

How to assign a new macro to buttons

We need to click on the Button icon in order to add a button to the Microsoft Word’s Quick Access toolbar.

Then we need to select the macro that we've created and click on Add option to add the button to the Microsoft Word’s Quick Access Toolbar.

Next, we've to click on the Modify icon in order to select a new icon and then rename and finally click OK button.

Our Macro will now start recording and we need to work on the macro template.
After finishing the template we have to click Stop recording.
If required there's also an option for pause recording and resume recording.

After the macro recording is done then we’ll notice the new icon on the Microsoft Word’s Quick Access toolbar.

Step 3

Using the Keyboard way

At first, we need to click on the keyboard icon in order to add a shortcut for the macro template.

Next, on the Press new shortcut key, we have to press and hold the Ctrl+Alt key combination and press any of the letters so as to assign it to execute the template.
Then click on Assign and Close option.

Our Macro will now start recording and we need to work on ...

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