Asked Feb 18, 2019

how to write a function that takes an integer n and prints all of the integers between 1 and n which are multiple of 5 using while loop


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Step 1

Since no programming language is specified we choose python as it is one of most popular programming language in various domains. However, the algorithm will remain same irrespective of the programming language.


  1. Accept the given number as ‘n’
  2. Initialize a number ‘i’ with value 1
  3. Run a while loop checking the condition that the value of ‘i’ is <= n (enter the body of the while loop only if this condition is true)
  4. Inside the while loop check if the value of ‘i’ modulo 5 is equal to zero, if yes then print the number ‘i’ else do nothing. Also increment the value of ‘i’ by I inside the while loop.
Step 2

The python program (a functio...


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