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I am changing careers and avoided math my entire academic life. Can you please tell me what math is needed and the order needed to become a web developer? Thanks


I am changing careers and avoided math my entire academic life. Can you please tell me what math is needed and the order needed to become a web developer? Thanks


Importance of math in web development:

  • For beginners, both arithmetic and basic algebra should be minimum for web development.
  • The web developer can also learn computer programming without the knowledge of arithmetic and basic algebra.
  • Because programming and data problems are real world problems, the web developer requires the minimum knowledge about arithmetic and basic algebra, not beyond that.

Steps to become a web developer:

  • Step-1: To become a web developer, the first step is to choose specialization.
  • Step-2: According to the job, web developer must get the knowledge in software programs like JavaScript, Cascadi...

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