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I need help figuring out how to summarize the content and format of a written technical report.


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While we are writing a technical report we need to figure out the following points.

  • The title page of the report

This page defines our project name or the name of the technical report. It also contains the supervisor’s name, date, details of the institution, report or the project done by etc. As this will be the cover page of the project the appearance of this page matters. A good cover page leaves a good impression.

  • Introduction

In this section we need to include the details about the purpose of the report or what the experiment is about.

  • Summary

This section includes a brief description of the project along with the data used and results.

  • Experimental details

This is the section where we have to add all the data and the parameters we are using. For example, the software needed, the data those are needed to execute the programs, the concept used to process those data and what are the testing tools or methods used.

  • Results

This section includes all the results produced by the project and how they are being produced.

  • Report in details

This part includes more elaborated description of the proj...

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