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Identify and briefly discuss four reasons why computer incidents have become moreprevalent












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Step 1

A raise in complexity results in a rise in vulnerability:

The environment of computing has become very complex. The computers, networks, operating system (OS) websites, routers, applications, switches, and gateway are interconnected and driven by millions of code. This environment continuously increases every day. The number of entry points to the network becomes larger continually as more devices are appended, raising the possibility of security breaches.

Step 2

Higher computer user expectations:

In today’s world, time basically means money, and the faster the computer users can resolve the issue, the sooner they can be productive. Therefore, computer assist desks are under intense pressure to reply frequently to users' questions. In the duress, help desk personnel often forget to authenticate identities of the user or to examine whether they are permitted to operate a requested action. Further, even they have been warned against doing so, some users share their ID and password with other co-workers who have forgotten their own passwords. This can allow workers to acquire access to information systems and data for which they are not authorized.

Step 3

Changing and expanding systems introduces new risks:

Organizations have moved from an era of standalone computers to an era in which computers connect to the networks with millions of other computers. Organizations have moved into mobile computing, e-commerce, global business, collaborative work groups and inter-organizational ...

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