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if a cat has 38 chromosomes, how many chromosomes are in the following cells?

a) hair 

b) claw

c) sperm 

d) egg 

e) tongue 


Expert Answer

Step 1

Chromosome number usually refers to number of chromosomes present in diploid set i.e 2n. All the somatic cells of the organisms body contain diploid set of chromosomes. The daughter cells formed by mitosis also maintain the diploid number.

The gametes, i.e. sperm and ovum are the cells which are produced by meiosis. As meiosis is reductional division, it reduces the diploid number to half and so, these are said to have haploid  set of chromosomes i.e. n.

Step 2

As chromosome number in cat is 38 i.e. 2n = 38. So, all the somatic cells of cat will have 38 chromosomes while the gametes will have half i.e. 19 chromosomes.

a) hair : As hair cells are somatic cells, it will contain diploid set i.e. 38 chromosomes.

b) claw : As claw cells are somatic cells, it will contain diploid ...

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