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If ln(a)=2,ln(b)=3, and ln(c)=5, evaluate the following:a) ln(a^1/b^-3c^4)b) ln(sqrt(b^1c^-3a^4))c) ln(a^3b^-2)/ln((bc)^4)d) (ln c^-1)(ln a/b^-1)^-4


If ln(a)=2,ln(b)=3, and ln(c)=5, evaluate the following:

a) ln(a^1/b^-3c^4)

b) ln(sqrt(b^1c^-3a^4))

c) ln(a^3b^-2)/ln((bc)^4)

d) (ln c^-1)(ln a/b^-1)^-4

Step 1


Hi! The notations of the question are not very clear. We have tried to solve it to the best of our abilities, as we have understood the notations. Henceforth, please try to use more brackets, so that there is no ambiguity regarding the meaning of the question.

As your question has more than 3 parts, we have solved the first 3 parts for you. If you need help with any particular part, please mention so while posting the question.

Step 2

Part (a):

It is given that ln (a) = 2; ln (b) = 3; ln (c) = 5.

Step 3

Part (b):

The calculations have been done using the same properties of...


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