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In fall 2014, 38% of applicants with a Math SAT of 700 or more were admitted by a certain university, while 12% with a Math SAT of less than 700 were admitted. Further, 32% of all applicants had a Math SAT score of 700 or more. What percentage of admitted applicants had a Math SAT of 700 or more? (Round your answer to the nearest percentage point.)

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Step 1


A - Percent math S A T score of less than 700 or more in all applicants.

B – Percent math SAT score of 700 or more than admitted applicants.

C – Percent math SAT score of less than 700 in admitted applicants.

Step 2

Formula used


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Р(4| В)P(В) ..(i) + P(4|В)P(В) Р(B 4) - Р(4|C)P(С)+1

Step 3



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P(A|B) 32% 0.32 P(B)-38% =0.38 P(A|C) 1-0.32 =0.68 P(C) 12% =0.12


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