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Let F = (V; A) be a digraph. Show that if u is k-edge-connected to v and v is k-edge-connected to w, then u is k-edge-connected to w.


Let F = (V; A) be a digraph. Show that if u is k-edge-connected to v and v is k-edge-connected to w, then u is k-edge-connected to w.

Step 1


To measure the connectedness of a digraph ‘F’, consider the minimum number of vertices and edges to be removed from the graph in to disconnect it.


It is the minimum number of edges whose removal results in a disconnected graph.


It is the minimum number of vertices whose removal results in a disconnected graph.

Step 2

F = (V, A) is the given digraph.

If ‘u’ is k-edge connected to ‘v’, ‘v’ is k-edge connected to ‘w’ than ‘u’ is also k-edge connected to ‘w’ as it holds the transitive property.

According to the transitive property a relation ‘V’ on a set &lsq...


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