Let S = {-4,-1,0,2/3,5/6,1,√5,3,5}

determine which elements of S satisfy the inequality -2+3x ≥ 1/3

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A: We have the given polar co-ordinate as 2,π4

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A: Given Integration can be simplified as

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A: 5π4=2πx

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A: Given:sec-17π4sec-x=secx

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A: Given: limx→ 0xcx+1-1, c≠0

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A: Given function is fx=5x7-2x4+3x2+x

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A: The y-coordinates of the points labeled in the diagram give the value of trigonometric functions.  

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A: Simplify w by substituting values of x , y and z and then solve the partial derivative.

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A: Angles measured counterclockwise from the positive x-axis are assigned positive measures. True or fa...

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A: We have the given expression as 7-w2

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A: Tangent is a line to the curve that just touches the curve at a particular point. Normal is a line w...

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A: Click to see the answer

Q: x2 + 2y2 = c, a family of ellipses

A: The given eqution is x2+2y2=c

Q: a- Calculate limf (x) and lim f (x ). b- Solve the equation f (x) = 0 and then calculatef (0). c- Ca...

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Q: Find the exact value of the expression. Do not use a calculator.

A: We know that, by property of inverse trigonometric functions tan-1-x=-tan-1x          ⋯⋯1

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A: To find the solution of the given differential equation

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A: We have a differential equation : Ldidt+Ri=E where L ,R,E are constants when t=0 ,i=0 We have to sol...

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Q: Perform the indicated operations and write the result in standard form, √-8(√-3 - √5)

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A: From the given figure, it is observed that, the upper curve is y=2x2 and the lower curve is y=x4-2x2...

Q: 0 2" + 3" Determine whether the series > converges or diverges. If it converges, find its sum. 10" n...

A: The series ∑n=1∞2n+3n10n. We have to determine whether the given series converges or diverges also f...

Q: Evaluate: [6 cos(6)a – 6 csc² (x)] dæ -

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Q: Q3

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