Asked Dec 3, 2019

Linda sold 2 kinds of tickets to her class play. student ticket cost $4 each an adult ticket cost $6.50 each. if Linda sold a total of 21 tickets for $99 how many student tickets did she sell?


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Step 1

Given that, the cost of the student’s ticket is $4 and the cost of the adult ticket is $6.50, and she sold 21 tickets.

Let x be the number of students tickets and let y be the number of adults tickets.

That is, x+y = 21.

x = 21–y                                                                                (1)

The total cost of the tickets is $99.

That is, 4x+6.5y = 99                                                           (2).

Step 2

Substitute the equation (1) in (2) to...


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4(21-y)6.50y 99 y= 6 Substitute y 6 in (1) x+ y 21 x 6 21 x 21-6 x = 15


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