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  1. List reasons why users might shut down computers or mobile devices regularly. Differentiate between sleep mode and hibernate mode.

  2. Define the term, user interface. Distinguish between GUI, natural-user, and command-line interfaces.

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The reason why users might shut down computers regularly:

  • To save energy: When the computer is on or in sleep mode, it still consuming power. 
  • To save resources: When a computer is powered on, it regularly consuming some resources like RAM, cache and network resources.
  • To slow down temperature: It is good to shut down computer after long usage to avoid hitting issue.
  • To update the operating system: When the operating system has some new updates then it requires to restart the system to install the updates.
  • To proper boot up: It is essential to shut down the computer after installing a new hardware device or software for proper boot.
  • To close everything: After shutting down the computer, it closes every running task of the system properly.


The reason why users might shut down mobile devices regularly:

  • To save energy: When mobile devices are on, they still consuming battery power. 
  • To preserve battery for longer life: It is noticed that regularity shuts down of mobile devices battery having a long life. 
  • To avoid mobile addiction: Looking for each notification is a major problem. Shut down mobile devices helps to avoid addiction.
  • To save resources: When mobile devices is powered on, it regularly consuming some resource like RAM and network resources.
  • To close services: When mobile devices is powered on, there are some service and process that are always running like Google play services. After shutting down running services also closed.


Step 2

Differentiate between sleep mode and hibernate mode.


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Sleep Hibernate It consumes low power It consumes zero power 1 It affected intently. It is slow process 2 It is preferred for shorter duration It is preferred for longer duration. 3 It puts system in standby mode and suspend RAM task. It puts system in safe sleep and suspend RAM and disk task. 4 It stopped all process save work It stopped all process save work in in RAM Computer after sleep still work. Computer after hibernating does It runs basic task behind the screen and consuming electricity 5 hard disk. 6 not work. It does not consuming electricity

Step 3

User interface

The user interface (UI) provides interaction between user and system. Through the user int...

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