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Mention and briefly explain three factors that affect the metabolic rate of humans.


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Metabolism is a combination of two important biochemical processes, anabolic (building up) and catabolic (breaking down) through which our body converts the food into energy. The metabolic rate is defined as the pace at which metabolism occurs. It is an estimate of net ATP or total energy used by the body per unit of time and expressed in calories, joules or kilocalories per unit time. The metabolic rate is crucial for homeostasis of the body during unfavorable conditions.

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The metabolic rate varies between the individuals and influenced by several factors. The three important factors that affect the metabolic rate in humans are the age, body composition, and hormonal levels.

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Age is one of the critical factors that affect the metabolic rate in humans. Most people gain weight as they age and this is due to a sudden decrease in the calories burned. Lesser physical activity is the sole reason for this condition and energy spent is less. The total energy spent is the total calories bur...

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