Multiply and simplify the following:

  1. (y-1)(y2-y+1)
  2. (x-3)(x2-3x+5)
  3. (x+4)(x2+5x-25)
  4. (2x-1)(x2-3x+25)
  5. (x-6)(2x2+x+13)

Simplify the given expressions:

  1. 5-3[(4x-y)+2y]
  2. 2x+2{5x-3[1-(4x-y)]}+2y
  3. x{3[1+(4x-y)]+5x-1}-y
  4. -y{[2(4x-y)+1]+5x-1}-y
  5. x-x{x+2[y+2(x-1)]}

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