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One month Tony rented 3 movies and 5 video games for a total of $41. The next month he rented 12 movies and 2 video games for a total of $65. Find the rental cost for each movie and each video game.


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Step 1

Let $x and $y be the cost of each movie and video game respectively.

Step 2

Therefore, according to given data we get


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(1) 3x 5y 41 12x 2y 65 ->(2)

Step 3

Solving the above two equa...


Image Transcriptionclose

[4x equation (1)]-[equation (2)], we get (12x +20y)-12x +2y) =164-65 18y 99 y 5.5 Now substituting y 5.5 in equation (1), we get 3x 5(5.5) 41 3x 41-27.5 3x 13.5 x= 4.5


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