perform the indicated operation and simplify:






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Q: please solve and show your work

A: Consider the given expression:

Q: Factor the trinomial with a negative leading coefficient  3+2x-8x2

A: Given,

Q: Solve the following system of equations by using matrices x+y-2z=9 x-y+z=-4 x+y-z=6

A: Given system of equation is

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A: (a) There are totally 75 transistors out of which 6 are defective and 6 are selected at random. The ...

Q: What are the blanks?

A: The problem concerns aspects of an exponential growth model

Q: please solve and show your work

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Q: Walking 6 mi in 3 h will use up 975 calories. Walking at the same rate, how many miles would a perso...

A: To determine the needs of walking miles of a person to lose 1 lb.

Q: I need help with number 39

A: Use the average rate formula from c to x. With limit x-> c

Q: I need help with number 51

A: By algebra of limits , we have the following result 

Q: eck Qu Suppose that the supply and demand equations for printed T-shirts for a particular week are g...

A: Part A 

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A: As per our policy I am going to solve only first 3-subparts and for the remaining subparts post the ...

Q: I need help with number 40

A: Definition:

Q: To promote the sale of tickets for a cruise to Alaska, a travel agency reduces the regular ticket pr...

A: For one person ticket price reduce by $5So for p persons ticket price will reduce by $5 times p = $5...

Q: I've asked similar questions like this, and I keep on getting it wrong, I even asked a tutor here an...

A: Exponential growth formula:

Q: Find an equation of the circle that satisfies the given conditions. (Give your answer in terms of x ...

A: Given, center and point are

Q: rtemines 2019 Problem 8.2: Factoring Rectangles CP 8 I ? ? 9 et NG X 10. ATOR x ACULA 2 X A. Write t...

A: A.Write two expressions for the area of the shaded rectangle.

Q: A ladder is resting against a wall. The top of the ladder touches the wall at a height of 12 ft. Fin...

A: Given: -

Q: (x+2)2=86

A: First, take under root on both sides of the equation.

Q: please solve and show your work

A: Consider the given problem:

Q: (d) Recall that Qt denotes the set of all positive rational numbers. Find a one-to-one function f: Q...

A: Given,

Q: Solve the inequality​ graphically, numerically, or​ symbolically, and express the solution in interv...

A: Known fact:

Q: The exchange rate gives the value of one country's money in terms of another country's money. Recent...

A: Given:1.587 U.S dollars would purchase one British pound.

Q: I need some help with number 79 d,e, and f

A: To determine:Part a) The distance where the ball hits the ground.Part b) To sketch the graph of the ...

Q: Factor the polynomial by grouping  4x2+20x-x-5

A: Given,

Q: solve the equations 3y/4-13=-y/3   2(3-2x)+5=-(4x-10)

A: Since you have submitted two questions, we'll answer the first question. For the second question ple...

Q: please solve and show your work

A: To simplify the expression and convert exponents to positive exponents.

Q: Let P= (-2, 1, +a) and Q= ( 3, 6, +2a). Find the  slope of L containing P and Q?

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Q: please solve and show your work

A: Consider the given information 

Q: An object is thrown downward, with an initial speed of 16 ft/s, from the top of a building 192 ft hi...

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Q: Solve the following equations by graphing    x+2y=1 2x+y=5

A: From the graph below we see point of intersection is (3,-1) 

Q: g(x)=3x + 4 find g(-2)

A: Given,           g(x) = 3x + 4

Q: Use long division to divide  (4x^3-17x^2-1x+29)/(x-4)

A: Write the problem in the special format:

Q: Reading Graphs and the Rectangular Coordinate System Complete a table of solutions to a linear equat...

A: Given

Q: please solve and show your work

A: Given fraction is,  

Q: Graph the solution set for the system of linear inequalities x>-3 y>-4

A: Given:

Q: I need help with number 34

A: Given function is 

Q: please solve it and show your work

A: Simplify the given expressions as follows.

Q: + X Content C http::// Hawkes Learning MAT ...

A: simplification.

Q: write the equation for a line form, y=mx+b for a line that passes through the points (2,8) and (10,-...

A: Obtain the slope of the line that passes through the points (2,8) and (10,–4) as follows.